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Who can contribute?

NZAP members can contribute. Other people interested in contributing should contact Dan Weijers using this email address: dan.weijers[at]

Interested philosophy students (except PhD students) should inquire about contributing via their supervisor, or any NZAP member.


Information for contributors

Pitch your posts such that philosophy graduate students with limited knowledge of your topic can still understand what’s going on.

Try to limit your posts to 1,000 words (excluding references).

Feel free to stress the extent to which your piece is a work-in-progress.

All submissions will be vetted by the editorial team. Submissions may be returned with requests to explain technical terms or shorten the post, etc.

All submissions that survive vetting will be proofread by someone on the editorial team.

Submissions should be sent to dan.weijers[at]


Information for readers

Please understand that many posts will be early ideas and works-in-progress.

Please make comments that are on-topic, constructive, and respectful. Moderators may remove comments that do not meet these criteria.

Readers must be registered and logged in to comment. Users’ first comment will be moderated. Subsequent comments will be posted automatically, but may be removed by moderators if they do not comply with the point above.

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