The 2017 edition of the New Zealand Association of Philosophers annual conference will be held at the University of Otago on the 7-10th of December.

Andrew Moore is organising the conference this year.

Useful links:

Conference Features:

  • M. 4 Dec: First session starts 11.30am. Evening Chair’s Address by Associate Professor Charles Pigden, followed by NZAP 2017 Reception
  • Tu. 5 Dec: Evening Conference Party, including ‘The Philosophical Revue’
  • W. 6 Dec: late afternoon NZAP General Meeting; then Conference Dinner
  • Th. 7 Dec: NZAP 2017 ends by 1pm

NAP 2017 streams + invited panel:

  • Applied Philosophy
  • Empirical Philosophy
  • History of Philosophy
  • Māori and Philosophy
  • Josh Parsons (Josh was at Otago Uni. 2005-11. He died in April 2017.)
  • Invited Panel: Diversity and Philosophy